Hey! We’re rebranding!

It’s been one whole year since we started Pixel Perfect Podcast (whoa!). We’ve learned a lot in this past year about what we’re interested in and what our listeners are interested in. We always want to keep developing, so we’ve decided to do a little rebranding. This rebrand has two parts.

Part One: Pixel Perfect Podcast

Yes, this seems the same, but we’re niching down. We’re focusing on books and movies pretty exclusively, and we’re no longer trying to keep up with the rush of reviewing new things. We’ll be talking about older things, indie things, and lesser-known things. We love talking about those things, and our listeners seem to prefer those episodes.

The really important thing to know is that we are no longer streaming live. Our episodes are going to be recorded again. This has to do with Part Two. That being said, we will still be recording with video, which you can see on our YouTube channel.

But also, Paige made a really cool new logo.

Part Two: Pixel Perfect Plays

We still love video games, and we have this Twitch channel. So, we’re going to take advantage of it. We’ll be streaming our favorite video games (and maybe some new ones) and talking about them. You can tune in to hear our thoughts about the game, but also just talk to us. The chat will be open, and you can ask us questions or give us your thoughts. The goal is to stream once per week, but these streams won’t stick to a set schedule. So, be sure to follow us on social media, so you can get all the updates.

Both recorded episodes and our streams will be posted on YouTube, so definitely subscribe if you haven’t.

This new format is launching with the new year, and we’re very excited!

As we end 2020 and embrace 2021, we also want to say that we’re extremely grateful for the support we’ve gotten over the past year. We love hearing your comments, and we love recording for you. So, thank you!