Netflix Horror Movie Roundup

Ah, October. That wonderfully spooky, crisp-weather month where we spend all our time ingesting anything and everything pumpkin, mounds of candy, and of course, dozens of horror movies. Since Netflix and other streaming services are simply overflowing with options these days, I figured I’d toss a few suggestions into the ring to help your decision-making.

New Addition | The Platform

Though The Platform technically came out in 2019, it only just got added to Netflix this year. The concept of the film is simple, but intriguing – in a prison with an unknown amount of floors, a platform covered in food descends from cell to cell. Those at the top eat quite well, while those below tend to starve. The film follows Goreng, a man who willfully entered what they call “the hole” for 6 months in exchange for an accredited diploma.

Profoundly disturbing, grotesque, and unsettling, The Platform is an interesting exploration of human nature, income inequality, and political structures. It’s hard to watch at times due to the gore, but is an overall well-rounded thriller. Just maybe don’t watch it while you’re eating dinner.

(CW: Around the 50-minute mark, there is a graphic pet death.)

My favorite Netflix original | The Ritual

Nordic mythology, haunting forests, and a backpacking trip gone awry? Sign me the eff up! The Ritual is a 2017 film centering on five friends who embark on a hiking trip in Sweden to honor a friend who passed, only to become lost in a thoroughly spooky forest. I watched this one with my husband when it first came out and it’s become an annual rewatch for us. The jump scares are fantastic, the mythological component is interesting, I always feel truly scared when watching it. This one didn’t fare so well with the critics, but I say ignore ’em!

Throwback Thriller | Poltergeist

I’m of the firm opinion that a lot of old horror movies don’t hold up anymore. It’s not their fault really – graphics, acting, writing, etc. have all improved dramatically over the past few decades. So, older films are simply just not going to hold up.

Poltergeist is not one of those. I watched it for the first time with my mother in my early twenties and was thoroughly DISTURBED. The graphical components are shit, yeah, but somehow still unbelievably frightening and unsettling nearly 40 years later. I recall having trouble sleeping that night. If you have somehow not watched this film yet, I highly recommend it.

Not-So-Scary Scary Movie | Little Evil

Every horror binge-sesh with friends needs a cool-down movie, right? Cue Little Evil. The cast consists of the stellar Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly, and the lesser-known Bridget Everett (who was phenomenally hilarious). It’s packed with a lot of laughs with gory elements that aren’t totally overdone. The plot makes comedic points about the horrors of parenthood via the demonic possession of the main character’s stepson. All-in-all, it’s just a fun, entertaining time. I mean, if they managed to land Sally Field for a villain role, it’s gotta be good, right?

Dishonorable Mentions

Some of these I watched “for fun” and others I tested out for this blog. Either way, they sucked. Avoid at all costs.

• The Babysitter 2 (the first one was good though!)

• I’m Thinking of Ending Things (slow, boring mindf*ckery with no payoff)

• Honeymoon (I wish I could scrub this disturbing nightmare from my brain)

• Killer Clowns From Outer Space (No. Just no.)

What are your favorite movies to watch this time of year? Have you tried any new Netflix titles that you would/wouldn’t recommend? Let us know!