Ultraviolet: The Movie You’ve Never Heard Of

Or you’ve heard of it, and you hate it. Both things are possible. Both things are fair. Ultraviolet is, uh, not a great film. It’s sort of terrible. But also, I kind of love it. Partially for how terrible it is. Partially because I think it has some underappreciated moments.

The Synopsis

Here are the basics. A virus is wreaking havoc on the world. While this virus does eventually kill you, it turns you into a super-powered vampire first. Meanwhile, the government is working to systematically wipe infected people out. Our main character, Violet, has a tragic backstory where she got the virus and lost her baby. Now, she’s formed a resistance with other vampires AKA hemophages to fight the government. Violet has been charged with stealing the government’s new weapon against the hemophages. She’s been told not to look in the weapon’s case, but of course, she does because we need a plot. It turns out to be a human child.

The hemophages want to kill the child and the humans want him back. Violet hides him from the hemophages and works to protect him from both sides. It’s basically one long, weird chase scene as everyone tries to get to the kid. Violet has a sort of relationship with one scientist hemophage named Garth. I’ve watched this movie several times, and I only just picked up on the fact that he loves her. There are a few plot twists as you go along that the movie thinks are more interesting than they really are. Watch it yourself for all the details. I don’t want to spoil everything.

The Bad

Uh, most things. Most things are bad. The special effects are incredibly obvious. The fight scenes are ridiculous. The writing is pretty basic, though there are some instances of cleverness. I could make an entire paragraph about how bad it is, but I think the good parts are much more interesting. So, moving on!

The Good(ish)

Okay, so, there’s this moment around the middle of the film when Six gets kidnapped by the vampire guys. The vampire leader is holding Six over a well and threatening to drop him if Violet comes closer. So, Six pushes off one of his shoes into the well, so Violet is able to count how many seconds until it hits the bottom. This tells her how long she has to kill all the henchmen and be able to save him. Yes, the way she kills all the henchmen is definitely ridiculous, but it’s a clever bit of writing and teamwork. But you might disagree with me, and that’s fine.

There’s this sort of clever thing that regularly happens throughout the film. Violet constantly uses her opponent’s weight, movement, and weapon against them. Combined with her bodily enhancements, it gives some credence to how she’s always able to win. She fights smart. The fight scenes are still silly though.

The acting is fine. Like it’s sort of like the Star Wars prequels. They did the best with what they were given, and it turned out okay. You can tell that these actors are capable of more is basically what I’m saying. Milla Jovovich does a nice job. William Fichtner as Garth is probably my favorite. He gives a really sincere performance, and I enjoy it. They’re trying so hard.

The thing about Ultraviolet that I appreciate is that, as far as I can tell, it follows its own rules. Everything makes sense within the world, even if it doesn’t make sense in general. I think the general plot is interesting, and I kind of love the ideas it’s trying to explore. But yeah, it’s a poorly made movie, and those ideas are muddled. The movie is simplistic but trying to do too much. Regardless, please watch this movie, and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear thoughts, especially considering that so few people have watched this movie.

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