Nostalgic Meanderings: The Babysitters Club

If Paige gets to meander, so do I. Though, mine is slightly more immediately relevant considering a Netflix remake of the original books just came out. Let’s talk about The Babysitters Club.

The Babysitters Club Books

People, I devoured these books. I would take out giant stacks from the library at a time and read all of them. The series was created by Ann M. Martin, and she wrote 36, but there were ghostwriters after that. There are so many of these books. There are 144 of just the regular style. There are extra versions like super editions and mystery editions, too.

The original series started in 1986 and went to 2000. But now, there are graphic novel versions coming out, and obviously, there’s the Netflix series. There was also recently a documentary about Claudia Kishi, one of the characters, and how important she was for Asian representation. I recommend giving it a watch.

These books initially revolved around four people: Kristy, Mary Anne, Stacy, and Claudia. Others were added throughout the series (like Dawn, who is in the Netflix show too), but at first, there were four. Kristy has this big idea to create a club for people who need babysitters. People call in during a specific time, and they get a group of babysitters who can help them out. This pretty much guaranteed you’d get a sitter. Loud Kristy was the president, artsy Claudia (the host of the club) was vice-president, quiet Mary Anne was the secretary, and sophisticated Stacey was the treasurer.

I read these books primarily from age six to about age twelve. They helped shape my personality and my values. They were about how to treat your friends, how to be responsible, how to get along with your family, and everything else you deal with as you grow up.

Kristy was the most important character to me. She wasn’t necessarily my favorite, but she was…well, me. She was bossy and loud. She had good ideas, but she was maybe too proud of them. She was aggressive, but it was because she cared deeply. She had to learn sometimes harsh lessons like how to admit when you’re wrong and how your behavior impacts other people. She was essential to me learning who I was and how to accept myself and grow at the same time. I learned from everyone in the club, but I learned from Kristy the most.

Netflix’s TV Show

Please watch this show. Please. It’s good and cute and wholesome. It’s been updated for contemporary times, which I think is a great idea. The girls deal with a variety of important issues, including transgender acceptance. They talk about Hamilton the musical, and Claudia actually having a landline is a huge deal. But it still has all those classic lessons about family, friendship, and growing up.

The casting is good, so the acting is good. They actually hired thirteen-year-olds to play thirteen-year-olds. They also created a much more diverse cast. The girls are lovable and fun to watch. The parents, including Alicia Silverstone and Marc Evan Jackson, are also great.

You can easily watch it as an adult, too. It often focuses on adult relationships and parenting. There are tons of jokes that are great regardless of age. It’s just enjoyable.

I won’t go on about it too much because I think it’s fun to watch without knowing all the details. But I would absolutely encourage you to watch this show.

The Babysitters Club was one of the things that shaped my childhood. I’m glad that these characters and their lessons are being introduced to a new generation. I’m glad I can experience them again. It’s helped me remember how I’ve grown and changed over the years while still staying the same. BSC for life.

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