8 Ooblet Tips for New Players

So, unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about a new game called Ooblets! It’s currently in early access, so there’s a fair amount of bugs, but it’s worth trying out if you like games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Paige has been playing it non-stop, and she has some Ooblet tips for if you’re just getting started!

1) You might not have realized this, but you don’t have to stand at the reconstitooter to wait for the cans to process. You can run around and do stuff while it works.

2) NPC locations can be found in the frenz tab of your guidebook. And wow, do we wish Stardew Valley had this feature.

3) The first watering can upgrade can be purchased at a steep discount if you wait long enough before buying, but we’re not sure if this is a feature for all upgrades.

4) Confused about the tokens? You can use them for purchases with the varying clubs once the clubhouses are constructed.

5) After you unlock the hankerbot, talking with NPCs who have hankerings will not prompt you to give the item. Instead, hold the item, and the option to give it to them will appear.

6) Hype increases the point values of your other dance move cards, so build up hype where you can.

7) You can add items to quest resource boxes as you get them. You don’t need to have all the items at once. This can help you know what you can sell and save you some inventory space.

8) This is perhaps our best Ooblet tip. Exploring the houses daily will net you more tokens, recipe pieces, the occasional gummy, and other random items.

Hopefully, these Ooblet tips will help you as you start on your journey to grow your farm, kick ass in your dance battles, and gain more Ooblets.

Do you have any of your own Ooblet tips? Comment below and let us know!

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