YouTuber Roundup

Hey! Everything is getting postponed or canceled. The result is that I spend most of my time on YouTube. I watch an absurd amount of YouTube, primarily video essayists. I thought I’d go through my favorite ones that are also podcast-relevant. Besides, I mention them constantly on the show, so it’s probably good to have a place I can send people to where they are all compiled.

Most of them are film people, but there are a couple who focus on video games, and there’s one booktuber. I’ve just started getting into the booktuber scene so recommendations are welcome!

Lindsay Ellis: You’ve probably heard of Lindsay. She’s pretty mainstream right now, especially after her Game of Thrones and “Woke Disney” videos. She tends to do in-depth video essays on films, usually mainstream films, but she also has a musical obsession. Recommended watch: The Hobbit: A Long-Expected Autopsy (Part 1/2)

Hbomberguy: Harry Brewis tends to focus on films, video games, and making fun of fascists. One of his more recent videos goes into director cuts and focuses on the movies that Paige hated so much. He also once raised an absurd amount of money for charity by live-streaming Donkey Kong 64 for over 48 hours. Recommended watch: In Defense of Dark Souls 2

Philosophy Tube: Olly Thorn focuses on examining different situations through a philosophical lens. He’s not super applicable here, but he does have this one great video on the video game industry. Recommended watch: The Trouble with the Video Game Industry

Sarah Z: Sarah tends to focus on, like, media and social issues. She talks about things like debating and parasocial relationships. That being said, she’s got some great takedown videos of TV shows such as Riverdale. Recommended watch: How RuPaul’s Drag Race Changed Reality TV

Big Joel: I just discovered Big Joel via Sarah Z’s twitter. His YouTube channel is sort of a collection of a lot of things that interest him. He tends to like to pick apart other people’s bad arguments about various things. That being said, he also does movie examinations that are fun to watch. Recommended watch: A Surprisingly Passionate Defense of Twilight

Patrick H. Willems: Patrick has some brilliant videos on Star Wars and the MCU that tend to make people super angry, but I love them. He’s never made a point that he hasn’t defended well. He’s just fun to watch. Recommended watch: The Limitations of the MCU

Folding Ideas: Dan Olson is one of my favorites. He goes super in-depth on some things, and occasionally, he’ll talk about really weird things like colonialism in Minecraft. Everything he makes is good. Recommended watch: Manufactured Discontent and Fortnite and A Lukewarm Defense of Fifty Shades of Gray

Lessons from the Screenplay: Michael Tucker focuses almost entirely on writing and film-making. He discusses movies from an interesting angle, and he’s got one video where he examines the difference between writing for film and writing for video games. Recommended watch: The Last of Us

Jenny Nicholson: Jenny’s main thing is numbered lists. She breaks down movies in an interesting way while being really funny. Recommended watch: Oh no! The Rise of Skywalker was real bad 🙁

Film Joy: Mikey Neuman has this really interesting viewpoint compared to the rest of the YouTube. His videos are all about celebrating films and their creation. He’s constantly positive, but in a way that makes you want to be positive too. Recommended watch: Lessons Animation Taught Us

Noah Caldwell-Gervais: If you’re looking for ridiculously in-depth videos on video games, Noah’s got your back. His videos are long, typically over an hour, but they’re really good. Recommended watch: Manic Pixie Dream Girls: A Critique of American McGee’s Alice Games

Read with Cindy: Cindy is a booktuber who is equal parts hilarious and sincere. I discovered her through my recommended videos, and I love her. Recommended watch: i read my airplane seatmate’s trash romance book and it was a mistake 

Bonus: Dan Murrell

So, Dan was from Fandom Entertainment where he did “Charting with Dan” which I mention on the podcast a lot. He’s recently split with Fandom, and he’s doing this own thing. His channel is up right now, but he doesn’t have any videos yet. He’s uploading soon though, so I would subscribe if you’re interested.

I’m hoping that I introduced you to at least one new YouTuber that will help you pass the time during these downright bizarre times. Be sure to comment below with your favorite YouTuber!