Stay Calm and Watch Ugly Delicious

Alright. It’s pretty chaotic out there. We’re all stuck in our houses for the most part, and we all definitely need a break. So, for this reason, I present to you: Ugly Delicious. Ugly Delicious is a Netflix food show that goes beyond just food and eating. It’s sort of in the spirit of Anthony Bourdain whose show is tragically not on Netflix anymore.

So, Ugly Delicious stars David Chang and a bunch of his foodie friends. Every episode has some sort of theme like pizza or steak, and it tends to be people sitting around, eating great food, and having a philosophical discussion about food and life. To explain this show to you, I’ll be using the first episode of the first season, which is Pizza, and the first episode of the second season, which is Kid’s Menu.

Throughout the pizza episode, they break down the different types of pizza and introduce you to the pizza experts. They basically debate what the best pizza is and at one point, David visits a Domino’s to learn how they’ve automated pizza and even goes on some delivery trips with a Domino’s guy. There’s also an adventure to Italy to learn all about the intense debate there over what qualifies as good pizza. It’s super interesting and in-depth.

Kid’s Menu is one of their more philosophical episodes in which they talk about being a chef and having kids. They talk about how difficult it is and how having kids changes your life dramatically. David’s wife, Grace, is pregnant so they talk about her struggles and how that translates to what food she can eat and what food she wants to eat. At one point, David makes food for third graders and is actually successful. It’s just adorable to watch.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that Ugly Delicious is a calming, delightful show all about food and how it impacts culture. My favorite discussion so far is about steak because they talk about what steak represents, what a good steak is (Outback versus a real steakhouse), and the impact of steak on the environment.

If you’re looking for a show to watch while you’re stuck inside and trying not to panic, Ugly Delicious is a great place to start. It’s interesting, inspiring, and full of good food. It’s really taught me to actively go out and broaden my own horizons.

Watch Ugly Delicious and feel better about life. Seasons one and two are out now on Netflix.