Here at Pixel Perfect, we are obsessed with media. Maybe too much. So, we decided to create a podcast dedicated to examining and critiquing media. We engage with a combination of recent and not-so-recent movies, books, and video games. Whether you want to know if you should pay for the thing or if you just want to hear someone else’s opinion on the thing, we are the podcast for you.

Your Hosts

Erin Lafond is a freelance writer and developmental editor. She likes books with great characters and movies with interesting cinematography. She’s obsessed with romance and superheroes. She’s currently working on a contemporary YA novel. 

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Paige Brown is a marketing whiz who creates art in her spare time. She likes any video game where she can smash pots, water crops, or rage at unbeatable bosses. She’s currently working on a sci-fi novel.

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