Here at Pixel Perfect, we love examining and critiquing media. So, we started a podcast dedicated to talking about the media we’re interested in. We primarily talk about books and movies, especially indie, lesser-known, and older books and movies. Find us every Wednesday on your favorite podcast app. 

We also have a Twitch channel where we stream video games and discuss them, so be sure to check that out! 

Your Hosts

Erin Lafond is a freelance writer and developmental editor. She likes books with great characters and movies with interesting cinematography. She’s obsessed with romance and superheroes. She’s currently working on a contemporary YA novel. 

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Paige Brown is a marketing whiz who creates art in her spare time. She likes any video game where she can smash pots, water crops, or rage at unbeatable bosses. She’s currently working on a sci-fi novel.

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